crayon bar
6th Grade
Cute Hoots
6th Grade
Oil Pastel Cupcake Slideshow

Pop Art

Colored Pencil Cupcake Drawings

8 close ups of the 62

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PDF- Art Lesson


John James Audubon

Bird Study & Drawings

Students learned about the artist John James Audubon and his "Birds of America" book and drawings. Students chose different birds to draw in a 5" x 5" square picture plane. The focus was on the bird with little emphasis on the background. Colored pencils were used to learn beginning blending techniques. Students then used the website: to find their bird identification and listened to the sound file of the their bird call.

Graphic organizer for this project.

6th Grade
Laural Burch - Cat Designs

Students learned about the 1960's artist Laurel Burch. Using the Principles and Elements of Art, students created their artwork with the subject of cats. Graphic organizer for this project.

Cool Cats

Cool Cats

6th Grade
Painted Clowns
6th Grade
Color Wheels
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